My favourite UNIQLO collection

Recently launched by UNIQLO was their ‘Mickey By…’ collection featuring the popular Disney character Mickey Mouse. UNIQLO’s collection shows a new fun, carefree interpretation of Mickey with a unique rock twist…

“The big ears. That optimistic face. Those big, bright eyes. Mickey Mouse is a character that is loved by people all over the world. The UNIQLO “Mickey by…” collection not only pays homage to his character, who has had such an immense influence on animation and entertainment, but also interprets Mickey in a unique way. Thanks to the rock n’ roll theme, adults can enjoy a surprising new take on this classic character”

The collection features long-line tunics, t-shirts, innerwear, room-wear sets and scarves in the women’s clothing section, and t-shirts, caps, boxers and caps in the men’s clothing, all emblazoned with vintage graphic Mickey prints in monochromatic colours highlighted with silver prints.


It’s a shame the collection doesn’t include any dresses. Some of the trendy designs would have looked awesome on a casual t-shirt-style dress.


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