Finding the perfect pair of jeans

A look into why shopping for jeans can be hard work if you don’t understand what jeans will complement your shape and how to determine what style will suit you.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and jeans are the one type of clothing that can be tricky to buy if you are unsure of what style will fit your shape best. Jeans are as varied in style and shape as women are, meaning that your ideal pair of jeans is out there; you just have to learn about your own shape before you can attempt to find a design to suit you.

Hourglass shape – Low rise, hipsters and flares.

Your shape: Large hips and bust with a small waist.

Your problem: Getting jeans to fit around the waist as well as the hips and legs, as your shape changes dramatically from your hips to your waistline.

Your solution: You should try wearing low rise jeans or hipsters as these will sit on your hips, and there is no need to worry about them being too big on your small waist. If you don’t like your hip area you can take the emphasis off your hips by wearing flared jeans as the flare at the bottom of your trousers will take the eye downwards.

Diamond – Skinny, high rise and bootleg.

Your shape: Big hips, bum, thighs and waist with thin legs and upper body.

Your problem: Finding jeans that are not too baggy on your legs, as you need a large size to fit your hips and waist.

Your solution: skinny jeans are great for diamond shaped women as they accentuate slim legs. High rise jeans allow you to breathe easy if your waist is large and bootleg jeans allow the bottom to flare out slightly to take the emphasis off the hip area.

Rectangular/ruler – Flares and bootleg.

Your shape: Boyish figure with an undefined waist and thighs with small hips and bust.

Your problem: Your whole shape is the same and although you are in proportion you find jeans look uninteresting on your flat figure. You want to find jeans that make you look like a woman.

Your solution: Flares and bootleg jeans are great for adding shape to a shapeless figure as they create contours to your otherwise flat frame.

Pear – High rise and bootleg.

Your shape: Fairly slim from the knee downwards and the waist upwards with large bum, thigh and hip areas.

Your problem: Finding jeans that don’t bring attention to the area that jeans always bring attention to; your bum, thighs and hips!

Your solution: High rise slim fit jeans work well to take the attention away from the centre of your body by taking the eye upwards rather than centralising it. Bootleg jeans work well as they take the eye downwards and divert the attention from the areas that you don’t like.

Cone – Flares, bootleg, straight-leg and high rise.

Your shape: Large on the top, small on your waist, hips, legs and thighs.

Your problem: The larger, upper part of your body is always accentuated with figure hugging jeans.

Your solution: Wear jeans that flare out at the bottom so that your body shape looks more balanced or try straight-cut jeans in order to show off your slim legs without making them look too thin in skinny jeans. High rise jeans also work well as they allow the top half of your body to be connected with the bottom so the whole of your frame looks more in proportion.

Whatever size or shape you are there are jeans out there that will work for you. Work out what parts of your body you want to accentuate and what parts you want to ignore before attempting to go shopping and you will find the perfect pair of jeans with ease.

For that perfect pair of jeans I would recommend Japanese casual clothing brand UNIQLO. Specialising in affordable casual clothing since 1984, UNIQLO has a wide range of women’s jeans and men’s jeans available all year round.



  1. Brittany Said:

    ah yes. I Hate jean shopping ….or use to now i love it : ) amazing how all brands are different!


  2. All brands have different variations on size and styles of jeans so it is pretty difficult to judge exactly what size you are. Thanks for the positive feedback on my clothing blog!

  3. leona Said:

    It is so hard to find jeans. I finally found a good style of jeans that fit me perfectly. The brazilian type that is low rider. Aside from that, styles are too old fashion looking.

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