Fashion via Video

We all love learning about trendy men’s and women’s clothing, new trends and finding out what the next hottest looks will be next but how do we do it? There are the usual fashion magazines crammed full of everything from fashion advice on women’s clothing through to what you should be dressing your children in but television programmes and film is being used far more often these days as a way to promote fashion. Fashion websites often have their own personal videos that offer an insight into what’s hot and what’s not this season and neutral websites such as YouTube offer businesses the chance to advertise fashion advice for free. So why is video so popular for promoting fashion UK?

Get Fashion Advice on Video

Many of us are unsure on what we should wear to work and sometimes we just need a revamp of our wardrobes in order to feel more comfortable in the workplace. Women’s clothing advice can be found with ease on video either through specific company websites or useful sites like YouTube. Fashion UK is a big business and being able to get advice through video is a predictable evolution for fashion as many sectors turn to the internet to promote men’s and women’s clothing.

Via video and short films men and women can learn about the following:

  • What’s hot this season
  • What to avoid this season
  • What to wear to work
  • How to revamp a tired wardrobe
  • What colours are in and what colours are out
  • What to expect from next season’s fashion lines
  • How clothes really look and sit on figures that are un-airbrushed

Video vs. Magazines

For many years the best way to learn about fashion advice for men’s and women’s clothing lines was to follow the likes of fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or open up your favourite glossy fashion magazine, but with video technology fast becoming a popular way to advertise are fashion magazines facing the same problems that newspapers are enduring as they compete with new technologies? Media is successfully moving with the times and newspapers and magazines all have online versions that are fast becoming more popular than printed versions and with men and women’s clothing and fashions advertised through video – will we still use the old fashioned ways of learning about fashion in the next decade?

The benefits of using film and video to promote fashion UK is that customers get to see the clothes move on real people and video offers a far more personal connection between the customer and the clothing than photos in a magazine could ever do. You get to see how the clothes sit, hang and reposition in a way that a magazine could never show and with less airbrushing in the video world, consumers feel a sense of trust with video that is often lost in print as we always question if the models really look like that with those clothes on. The ability to pin clothes in print to fit better and adjust pictures to make them look more appealing makes us untrusting of fashion photos yet with video the personal touch that is genuine and real seems to be catching on fast and only time will tell if video and film will soon become a more popular way to advertise fashion UK advice on men’s and women’s clothing than print…

UNIQLO has recently launched a Fashion UK YouTube channel which offers styling advice for work clothing through to student fashion and casual wear.


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