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The History of Down Clothing

Keeping warm in the cold months while still looking great takes a lot of fashion dedication and down clothing is a great way to stay toasty while looking fantastic! Down jackets can be made from a variety of feathers including duck and goose. We know they are a great way to trap in the heat, but just how long have we been using this method of heat-retention in our clothing?

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HEATTECH Jeans & Trousers

The UNIQLO HEATTECH phenomenon is back this season with the biggest thermal clothing range yet. To complement the best selling HEATTECH innerwear and accessory collection, UNIQLO have just launched HEATTECH jeans and trousers for women.

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Men’s Cashmere Cardigan

There’s so much choice this fall/winter for everyone. A favourite of mine is this men’s cashmere cardigan from the +J designer collection at UNIQLO.

Men's cashmere cardigan

Men's Cashmere Cardigan (+J)

UNIQLO Party Dresses Online Exclusive

As the party season approaches, that annual conundrum occurs. What to wear for the Christmas party? With endless social dates in the calendar, the cost of a dress per party soon racks up!

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