HEATTECH Jeans & Trousers

The UNIQLO HEATTECH phenomenon is back this season with the biggest thermal clothing range yet. To complement the best selling HEATTECH innerwear and accessory collection, UNIQLO have just launched HEATTECH jeans and trousers for women.

Everyone hates the winter denim conundrum; you want to wear your favourite pair of skinny jeans with your new boots, but can’t face the chill through to your skin. Developed in partnership with leading fibre manufacturers Toray industries, HEATTECH fabric is made with a high-tech rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat, keeping you super snug warm during the winter months.

HEATTECH jeans and trousers are the perfect way to fight the cold and stay stylish, from top to toe.

The UNIQLO HEATTECH jeans and trouser collection for women are priced at £29.99 and available in all UNIQLO UK stores and online at www.uniqlo.com/uk.

About UNIQLO: UNIQLO have teamed up with Toray Industries to produce innovative, heat generating men’s and women’s clothing to keep the country warm throughout the cold, winter months.


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