Cashmere – Essential Women’s Clothing

Soft, warm and luxuriously well fitting, cashmere is definitely an essential women’s clothing item for any wardrobe. However, there is more to cashmere than just jumpers and sweaters, including  a whole host of clothing choices, but the key is knowing how to wear it, what to wear it with and how to maintain it to ensure that it lasts you for years to come.

Cashmere women’s clothing options

Cashmere jumpers and sweaters are the obvious choice when looking at buying something soft and warm, but there’s a whole host of other items to think about. Perhaps the most luxurious is a cashmere blend coat or jacket, which transforms the scratchy wool that is sometimes synonymous with winter coats into a smooth, beautifully textured feel. Another key item for the remainder of winter would be the cashmere dress. Nights out become a lot warmer when you’re wearing a cashmere evening dress that hugs your figure and is super soft to the touch.

However, cashmere goes even further than just core items like cardigans and v neck jumpers, it’s also delved into the fair-weather footballer’s wardrobe with cashmere snoods flooding the internet this Christmas. However, it’ll struggle to beat a classic cashmere scarf for looking good while keeping your neck warm on frosty mornings on your way into work. Another option for this is going for a the cowl neck sweater, which is like a turtle-neck or roll-neck sweater, but not quite as tight to the neck, so you won’t feel like you’re being choked.

Lastly, there’s the world of cashmere underwear. While this is largely confined to sock and thermal underwear like cashmere long johns, but there’s plenty of scope for utilising cashmere blends in more day to day underwear.

What to wear with women’s cashmere clothing

With so many women’s cashmere options to choose from, you’re going to need to know how to wear them and what to match them up with. Firstly, cashmere isn’t like denim, where it has historically been seen as a taboo, until recent years, to wear more than one item of the same material. You could easily get away with wearing a cashmere dress, belted at the waist, underneath a pure cashmere scarf and cashmere blend coat. A jumper or cardigan could also be paired up with a blended pencil skirt and coat, along with a scarf for added warmth.

Cashmere jumpers and cardigans can be worn with a shirt or t-shirt underneath, or by themselves. A tight fitting black v neck sweater looks very classy on its own with a single pearl necklace, a thigh length skirt, dark tights and boots. They also look great casual with a pair of jeans, or smartened up for work with a shirt underneath.

How to keep your cashmere safe, sound and long lasting

By far the most important aspect of cashmere care is how you clean it. Obviously, in an ideal world you’d all be wealthy enough to have all your cashmere clothing dry cleaned at the drop of a hat, as long as the care label says it’s OK. However, this isn’t massively necessary, because cleaning cashmere is actually a lot easier than some people fear. The majority of cashmere clothing usually has hand-wash instructions. If a product says that it should be specifically dry cleaned then that’s your only real option if you want to keep it looking great, but for all other cashmere products you can simply wash them in warm water with a little mild soap or shampoo.

Wringing cashmere products is a big no no as it will weaken the material over time. Instead you should roll the item up, ideally in a towel or another dry cloth material and squeeze it gently until the majority of the water has been removed.

Drying your cashmere clothing is also important. Drying flat should be favoured over hanging as it will prevent the material from stretching. Always use a covering material between the item of clothing and a lukewarm iron to get rid of any wriggles that might have appeared from washing.


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